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Jonathan’s Journey: Faith vs. Sexuality

March 29, 2017 - He would pray. Again. And again. And again.

God heal me. Please heal me.

Please heal me of these attractions to men and make me the man you want me to be.

Jonathan Brower so desperately wanted to be healed. He so desperately wanted God to take away his homosexuality. To make him not gay.

And so he would pray. After every thought. After every inkling of a feeling. He prayed and hoped that one day, God would listen.

Indeed, the extent to which Jonathan tried not to be gay is exhausting.

And yet, just as powerful, just as enduring is his strength of determination to hold on to his faith. A faith that did not embrace him, as is. A faith that told him he was loved, but that being gay was wrong.

Jonathan Brower

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