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My Salvation is Based on Christ Alone

by William Spangler

I am 46 yrs. old. I grew up in VA. right on the Bible Belt. I attended a Pentecostal church. I was miserable. During all my young adult life I had to suppress my real self. I constantly felt condemned, I witnessed firsthand the shame my church brought upon others who dared to venture out of their shells and let the church know that they were gay. So, needless to say I was a very depressed, angry, and ashamed young man. I did not know who to turn to, I mean if God hated me, then there was nowhere left to go. I prayed, and prayed and prayed. No result. So, I left the church. I figured if God did not want me, then I would live my life my way. WRONG!!!

I ended up attempting suicide, losing everything, and running all the time from hearing God's voice. Then, after about fifteen years, loneliness and miseries, it dawned on me. My salvation is not based on being good, doing good, or even praying good. It was about what Christ did on that cross. It was about, that blood being shed for me too. It was about, Christ rising from the dead to finalize my salvation. Those ministers and all the people who choose to condemn me for who I am, none of them had a say in my salvation. It was and is between My Lord and me. No one or nothing can snatch me out of his hands. It truly is finished. It is a done deal.

I now enjoy a much happier life, I have been in a partnership for almost ten years. Lord knows my partner and I have had our ups and downs, but with us both leaning on Christ, it sure makes it a lot easier and happier. We have suffered though financial problems, family hardship, and relational troubles, but we get though them by trusting Jesus.