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We Met On CG. We Are Now Legally Married!

"Nothing you do in the Lord's service is ever useless" 1 Cor. 15:58 b

Dear Mary:

We are SO thankful for the work you are doing with Christian Gays.

We met there some months ago. We were so far away, José in Dominican Republic and me in Portugal.

We both were lonely and prayed before we met and … we met! Now we are legally married and SO happy.

We praise God for your ministry and we send you this mail to encourage you to realize that your work in the Lord is not useless.

We praise and thank God for your ministry. Without it we would never have met.

May God bless you very much. We sent some photos of our marriage day.

Yours in Jesus:
José and Fernando

Fernando and Jose met on Christian Gays

January 21, 2018 – Update

Dear Mary:

Do you remember us?  Five years ago we met in Christian Gays.  Me, Fernando, from Portugal and José from Dominican Republic.  We married in 25th May the same year.

Now, five years later we are each time more happy.  We bought our own home in Faro, a beautiful city in Algarve (South Portugal).  I teach there in a High School and José works in his artistic work.

José asked for the Portuguese nationality and since 10 months he is Portuguese.  Portugal is SO beautiful.

Portugal is a very gay friendly country.  To be gay here is not a problem.  Even my mother, who is 85 now, after some time of adaptation is very happy and loves José like he was his son.  My three daughters also love him very much.

I remember, 5 years ago, I was so sad and I prayed the Lord before trying again to make a real contact in Christian Gays that in DR there was a man doing the same prayer.  God is so good!!!

May the Lord bless you and your ministry.  We keep you in our prayers and in our hearts.

Yours in Christ:
Fernando and José

A New Family Is Created

Hello Momma Mary,

I don't know if you remember me, but I was a part of Christian Gays about five years ago when I lived in Kitchener, Ontario.

Once upon a time in your chat room, I met Scott and Kelly. Scott and I have since adopted each other as brother and sister, and Kelly, well, she and I have been together for the last five years, got married last year, and had a baby this past May, along with her two other children.

We thank you for your vision of Christian Gays for bringing us together and we have never been happier.

So thank you in your part in bringing this family together.

God bless and much love to you,


June 2016 Update:

As you know, I met Kelly on here almost 10 years ago, and we're still together, and have since added a child to the 2 she already had. We are a family of 5 living in Northern California now.

We are still close friends with Scott Williamson, now an ordained Minister for the UCC church in Cookeville, TN. He is doing great, and is Uncle Scott to the kids.

Without you and CG, we wouldn't have the family we do today!!

Our wedding picture is attached!! (this was almost 3 years ago now)

Bene Ruiz

Bene & Kelly Wedding

"You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

I Met A Very Good Friend

Thank you for all you have been doing for 16 years to minister to LGBT sisters and brothers online. Because of your efforts and ministry, many individuals have been touched positively.

Because of your site, I met a very good friend. I had initially hoped that romance would blossom, but that was not part of God's plan for our connection. However, we have developed a solid friendship, and have been able to encourage each other many times. I'm grateful for the connection. Saved My Life

by James

I am a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance (we call it the GLBT Club) at my local community college where I am a student.

I am interested in participating at blogging on your website, I do not have any credentials other than a High School Diploma, but when I was only a few years younger, your website saved my life.

I was going through a hard time as a gay man, and the part that did not sit well with me was that I was a Christian, and I have always been taught that being gay was a sin.

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I Was Welcomed, Loved, Supported And Understood

It was just last week that I found myself back in a familiar hole. Having split with my partner of 3 years I was at a really low point in my life.

Cravings for alcohol had returned, my partner had left me, and I couldn't see any point in going on.

I turned to the internet for inspiration on how to end my life. As I was scrolling through the search results I came across this site and was curious.

I had convinced myself that I had been wrong all this time, I couldn't be a Christian if I was Gay, so a website specifically for Gay Christians? It couldn't be. I had to check it out!! So I did, but I didn't find the judgement that I was used to receiving from "Christians". I was welcomed, loved, supported and understood.

I thank God for this website and the fellowship I have found here. I honestly believe that God has used this site to save my life.

I still have a way to go, but I'm here. With the help of members from this site I now have fellowship, trans-atlantic Bible Study, global prayer, and I'm looking for a Gay-friendly church in my area.

I have placed myself at the feet of our Merciful Father, and He has welcomed this prodigal daughter back with open arms!

1st Light

Hi Mary! It has been many years since we've exchanged emails. You were my very 1st "light" that there were Christian Gays out there. Living in rural, "Bible Belt" Midwest US, coming across your website and exchanging emails with you was life changing for me. So hello, and THANK YOU! ~ Melissa (Missy) Shaber


Thanks so much for sending the DVD so promptly. We are used to waiting a few weeks for packages from America, so no probs there! 🙂

It is also time for me to say thank you for the ministry you have, as my partner and I have gotten so much from your website and emails.

It is so encouraging that your group does show acceptance to ALL people and at the same time you do not compromise the gospel.

A ministry that gets that balance right is so hard to find.

~ Alex in Australia

Thank You Lord For Leading Me To This Site

Thank you Lord for leading me to this site

Thank you for the people I have met here, and the friendship and support they have offered and given.

You know who they are Lord and so do they.

Pour out your blessings on them Father as you have blessed me through them, and draw them even closer to you.


In Jesus name, Amen.

Thanks For The Strict Policy


I must thank you for this strict policy*...... as a long time member who foolishly fell in love with someone who was just buttering me up for his financial gain..... once I shared this with you, you immediately took action and prevented me from being taken advantage of.

Thank you for your diligence in monitoring for such scam artist.

* in our Terms of Use, it is very clearly stated that people are not allowed to request favours or money, whether it be for cancer meds or to keep the electricity on, or for an orphanage where the kids are going hungry. We have been scammed by all of those scenarios too many times, so that we have now made one very simple rule.

If someone asks for a favour or money, you MUST report them to me, and their membership will be revoked immediately.

Our site is about making connections, not about being used.

Prayer For CG By Mandy Deacon (leapinglizard)

Father, bless this place and all who meet here.

May we know Your love and acceptance.

May our spirits be lifted as we meet in fellowship.

May Your presence be felt here by all who enter,
And may those who stumble in "by accident"
Come to know Your love and forgiveness.

Soften the hearts of those who would condemn.

Speak to their spirits so that they may know
That we are Your children too!

Spirit-born, blood-bought, children of the King!
Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered by birth,
Accepted, loved, forgiven and YOURS by Grace.


A Prayer by Gail (“Aussiebard”)

God, bless this group with love and peace
May joy and laughter never cease
to lift us when we meet.

If, at times, there's passing tears
Let there be friends and comfort here
for the soul that longs to weep.

Give us faith and courage to share
Give us time for earnest thought and prayer
Give us the love for which we seek.

May those who enter find life a bit brighter
May burdens be lifted, may hearts seem lighter
May our trust and compassion grow deep.