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Gay is OK via the Bible, because Jesus

Gay is OK via the Bible, because Jesus is a 16 page FREE downloadable book by Tom Minkler.

If you are a Christian who wants to favor LOVE over judgment and support gay marriage, it is easy - in fact the Bible taken as a whole actually demands that, because it all points to Jesus (as the way to know God). Homosexuality can be a test, as it speaks to our basic core as humans, and our devotion to God and what Jesus did for us (so what do we need to do for them), and it’s hard to compare it to anything else. I first wrote this to be a short, simple document that gave an overview of Christian acceptance, but since everything is connected to everything it became more comprehensive.

“Homosexuality” and “Heterosexuality” aren’t referring mainly to sexual actions, they refer to romantic love, which is then expressed physically.

Regardless of what anyone believes, Jesus never says it’s OK to force others to believe or obey anything by force of law or government. The “founding father s” based our government on the FREE WILL God gave everyone. And that includes accepting other people’s right to it.

Please click link to download the book here.

NOTE: This book may NOT be sold for profit!