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New Dads

May 23, 2017 - My daughter, Lauren, has had a baby girl for two new dads.

She wanted to do something really special for someone for her 45th birthday, and 45 yo is the cutoff for being accepted as a surrogate, so she went through all the psychological counselling, genetic testing, surrogacy camps, and within an hour of her being posted to the website, there were 17 couples asking her to have a baby for them.

She chose these guys because they live close to her, and both she and one of them are in healthcare, so they have many colleagues in common. They are all bikers, so she said it was funny when they would all go for the pre-natal checks, showing up in their bicycling outfits. She said they looked like they were a bicycle team.

She prepared her body with hormones and vitamins, and was implanted with the sperm from one and the egg from the other's sister, so the baby has the DNA of them both.

In Canada surrogacy is absolutely altruistic. There can be no exchange of money, but they are allowed to top up her Employment Insurance to what her regular pay would be so that she is not penalized for the time off, so now she has 17 weeks of holidays on full pay. She’s pretty happy about that.

This is a pic of both dads, my daughter Lauren, new baby, and Lauren's 9 yo daughter.

They have asked if she would consider doing it for them again in two years. She will be 48 by then, 3 years past their cut-off limit, but the fertility doctor said that she’s in such good shape that he wouldn’t hesitate to let her. For now she is saying no, but she is also not closing the door on the possibility.

I’m so proud of my daughter! What a woman! new dads