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LGBTQ Scholarships

Looking for LGBTQ scholarships that will make college more financially feasible? There are a number of scholarships specifically geared toward LGBTQ students, so we’ve rounded up some great options to pursue.

For those that identify as lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual, the challenges can be intense. The Pew Research Center found in 2013, that bisexual students have a lower rate of graduation from college.

As a result of this, LGBTQ students are historically underrepresented in college populations. Many organizations have been created to assist with this by offering LGBTQ scholarships to help fund these students’ educations.

The following list outlines information for a few of the available LGBTQ scholarships and where to go to apply. Utilize this list not as an exhaustive guide, but a tool toward finding the resources you may need in order to fund an education.

Free Grants For Veterans

Find Free Grants For Veterans in all 50 states and major cities

Our website provides comprehensive details on grants for veterans. These grants are given away for free, and they could help low income veterans with bills, mortgage, rent, housing, college, and medications . Please note that grants are only given for veterans who can prove financial difficulties. Apply for multiple grants to ensure your needs are met.

We offer information on the following :
(1) grants for rent (2) housing assistance (3) help with bills (4) education grants (5) medical bills grants (6) business grants

Free Grants For Veterans

Grants For Native Americans

Comprehensive listing of Native American Grants in all 50 states and major cities

Our website provides detailed information on Native American Grants that could help low income individuals and families [two parent and single parent] with grants and scholarships.  Assistance is offered free of cost to eligible families who can offer sufficient documentation to prove financial hardship. These programs help with the following :

  • rent 
  • medical bills
  • college scholarships
  • medication 
  • utility bills 
  • mortgage
  • child care

Click here

Free Grants For Women

We are the largest source of grants for women

Listed here are free grants and financial assistance programs hat help women with medication, housing, medical bills, rent, utility bills, child care, education, and mortgage, among others. Find grants faster here since

  • we have listed grants by state,
  • there is a database of organizations that give grants to women
  • you can search for grants in all popular cities.

Free Grants For Women


L-Fund - assists Lesbians in the Coachella Valley to resolve short-term financial crises, unlike traditional social service or financial aid agencies that deal with long-term assistance.

The L-Fund's established reserve account often allows them to respond to a request within 24 to 48 hours. "This is the only Lesbian organization in the valley to provide immediate financial relief in an emergency situation," says L-Fund's President, Barbara Carpenter. The emotional outpouring from gift recipients creates a sense of community that inspires the Core Group, co-founders and president to do more.

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