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by James

I am a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance (we call it the GLBT Club) at my local community college where I am a student.

I am interested in participating at blogging on your website, I do not have any credentials other than a High School Diploma, but when I was only a few years younger, your website saved my life.

I was going through a hard time as a gay man, and the part that did not sit well with me was that I was a Christian, and I have always been taught that being gay was a sin.

I tried everything to become heterosexual. When I realized that I could not become heterosexual, I realized I had a choice. I could continue living as a homosexual and go to hell anyway (since I could not turn straight) OR I could just commit suicide. But I decided that I should do one last thing first, something I always liked to do. I went onto my computer, on the internet. I wanted to have one last pleasure before my life was over.

But then, something occurred to me that hadn't before. Why would God have something against me for something that I did not choose and cannot ever abandon? I went onto Google Search and typed in "gay christian". One that stood out was your website. I read it over and suddenly felt a warmth of compassion over me. I knew that God made me the way I am - the overwhelming joy that came with the feeling of wholeness, of freeness. I began to look at my life in a whole new way.

Unfortunately, I understand that not everybody has their story end with a good ending like mine. Others are too blinded by fundamentalism to see that God loves them the way they are. I pray for these people and my heart goes out to them. I wish to reach out to others and I would like to start by blogging on the very website that I believe saved my life.