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Support LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses

support-LGBTQ-Owned-Small-Businesses#LGBTQ: How to Support LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses & Resources

LGBTQ owners need support at a time when people are becoming aware of different demographics that do not have an equal platform to excel in the world of business.

The following are some of the best ways to support LGBTQ-owned businesses right now.

🏳️‍🌈 Buy From Them

The most simple and obvious way to support LGBTQ-owned businesses is to shop at their stores. This is a direct financial contribution to this cause. If they are helped out financially, it will give them more empowerment and a larger voice in business and commerce. And with COVID-19 making it more difficult right now, the financial assistance is badly needed.

While LGBTQ-owned businesses are not as numerous as other groups, such as Blacks or female entrepreneurs, they are there. You can also check an online resource for a register of LGTBQ-owned enterprises. Three ways you can investigate LGBTQ-owned enterprises include:

  1. MyRainbowPages
  2. Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce
  3. Outward Magazine

🏳️‍🌈 Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for helping out underprivileged groups who do not have an active presence or voice. It has been instrumental in bringing social issues to the public awareness across many different spheres – third world poverty, racism, animal cruelty, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest – all of these vital issues are being brought to public attention through social media.

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, use a social media platform to highlight important statistics and facts about the plight of the LGBTQ community. You could even share this post to help people get informed about the topic at hand and to generate awareness.

🏳️‍🌈 Do Your Research

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Online Bookstores

King Champ Books

KingChamp Books began taking shape as an online supplier of quality used books in early 2001. The venture is operated by a semi-retired newspaper guy who spent decades doing reporting and editing in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and, more recently, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Incidentally, the KingChamp name pays tribute to two departed canine friends -- King, a German shepherd adopted from an SPCA shelter in Providence (1982-1996) and his successor, Champ, a pit bull rescued from the streets of Daytona Beach (1994-2006). Happy reading!!
--- Thomas S. Brown (Tom), proprietor

KingChamp concentrates on offering books about celebrities -- entertainers, society types, politicians, corporate titans and criminals (yes, those categories do overlap!). Most titles are priced below $20. We also have expanding inventory in art, detective fiction, spirituality, investment, cookbooks, gay/lesbian and self-help.

We strive for accurate and informative book listings, careful packing and personalized service. We welcome your inquiries, suggestions and requests.

NOTE: All of our listed inventory is in stock, either on premises or in the personal libraries of several consignment clients in the Daytona area. We endeavor to process all orders within 24 hours.

Mention Christian Gays when you order directly through our website and receive a 10 percent discount.


Website Design & Hosting

Best Websites!  Best Prices!
is Mary's Website Business.

If you need a website built, or an old website given a new look, please check out the Best Websites site to see examples of some of the websites I've created.

Of course if you are a member I would give you a major discount.

Miscellaneous Businesses

Diversity Group Jobsite is one of the UK’s most efficient jobsites specializing in diversity and inclusion.
Our primary objective is to eliminate barriers within employment, education & training, and our advertisers are actively seeking to employ diverse talent. 

Our online Job Portal lists thousands of vacancies from employers across a variety of industries, so if you’re a job seeker why not check it out!

Whether you’re looking for a new and exciting opportunity, a change in career, or simply exploring your options, then we may have a job for you.

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National Gay Pilots Association - NGPA advocates for the rights of all LGBT pilots, provides mentors for pilots, and supports students through scholarships. We also throw some of the best (and gayest!) aviation events ever! We are pilots, flight instructors, students, air traffic controllers, mechanics, spouses, and just about everyone in-between who really loves aviation.

National Gay Pilots Association