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Differences Between Men And Women’s Sexual Arousal

The article Men Know When They're Aroused, Women May Not by Jeanna Bryner, highlights a very interesting phenomenon that deserves to be repeated in other studies to see how valid and reliable the findings of this study are. Here is an excerpt from this article:

When it comes to sexual arousal, a woman's mind and body are less in sync than a man's, a review of research finds.

Men who reported feeling turned on tended to also sport an erection, while a matchup between the mind and body wasn't so consistent for women, according to the review published online Jan. 4 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

If this finding holds true, it might well be that Gay sexual relationships might well be more compatible and satisfying than are many heterosexual relationships! When perception and reality are in synch, we can expect that sexual intimacy will be more satisfying and even more intense than when they are not in synch.

As would be true for Gay men, lesbians might well have more satisfying sexual relationships than do heterosexual women for the reason that lesbians are likely to be more attuned to the intricacies of female sexuality as opposed to the "on-off switch" that typifies male sexuality.

Should this be the case, we might expect happier marriages and fewer divorces among gay men and lesbians than currently exist among the heterosexually married when sexual compatibility is the issue that precipitates marital discord and divorce, and that's one reason why the above study deserves to be repeated among different samples in the population studied.

To extend this point a bit further, it might well be that some, if not much, homophobia might be due to the unconscious recognition of the truth of this finding, and that the fear that Gay sexuality might be more satisfying to those who put themselves in the socially acceptable box of "heterosexual" is one of the motivators for the prejudice and discrimination visited upon Gay people by those who are wedded to the label "heterosexual."


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