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Our Bible App Wants to Let LGBT Christians Be Their Whole Selves

March 24, 2017 - In the year that led up to naming my queerness, I drifted away from church. It wasn’t deliberate, but after a lifetime of subtle messages about the church and homosexuality (and by proxy bisexuality), I needed to step back to figure out if I could be a bisexual Christian — if I could be my whole self.

Now I’m back in church regularly, teaching Sunday School and the whole deal, but my church is only tacitly welcoming and I end up doing a lot of spiritual labor to try to nudge the community toward affirmation. The code-switching gets me down, y’all.

When I first heard about the plans for Our Bible App last year, my head exploded. The app, to be released in June, aims to be a one-stop resource for LGBTQ Christians and any others who are not getting the spiritual fuel they need in brick and mortar faith communities.

The Bible For Outsiders