The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

July 19, 2020, Note from Mary: I listened to this broadcast in my car today (CBC Radio: Tapestry) and felt the content was so powerful that I wanted to share it with any who might be questioning whether there is "a God".  This is about faith and science, and has nothing to do with being gay and Christian.

Dr. Francis Collins is one of American's leading scientists. A physician and geneticist, he led the Human Genome project to identify and map human DNA. 

He has been the director of the National Institutes of Health since 2009, making him the longest-serving director in the institute's history. Collins and his team are currently hard at work trying to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.
Dr Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins is the 2020 Templeton prize winner.  Former winners include Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. This talk is based on his book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

Please go to the CBC Radio website.   The full audio episode is 54 minutes long.

There is also an hour and a half long video on the same page.



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A - Admit that you're a sinner in need of God.
B - Believe that Jesus died and rose again for your sins.
C - Confess Jesus as Lord of your life.

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We gays have been so abused by the masses using Scripture against us, that many of us are afraid of God's Holy Word. The Bible is NOT our accuser. It is people who, in the spirit of wanting to obey God, have erroneously persecuted us. Let us make that distinction first, and then delve headlong into studying the Bible with all integrity and passion to find its TRUTH.

I must preface this Bible Look-Up with some critical information about the things that you may find using this search tool.

It may appear that God condemns homosexuals. When you read something that conveys this impression, jump right to the Christianity & Homosexuality pages or the page on the Clobber Verses for explanations of how these verses have been misinterpreted.

Be very clear that God DOES condemn homosexual (AND heterosexual) sex when it involves ritual impurity (idolatry), power or rape. However, the concept of orientation was only recognized about a hundred years ago, so the authors of Scripture could not have been referring to sex between people in a loving, monogamous relationship.

The Miracles of Jesus

A list of the amazing miracles Jesus performed while he walked among us demonstrating his power over sickness, spiritual forces, nature, and even death itself.

Bible Translation Errors – The Long Version

This is the original longer version.
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On May 5, 2001, when Pope John Paul II begged God's forgiveness for sins committed by Roman Catholics against Jews, heretics and women, he acknowledged that the "Church" has been wrong in the past. It also took the Catholic Church 359 years to admit that they were wrong when they accused Galileo of heresy, condemning him to death, unless he recanted that the earth rotates around the sun. It was considered heresy to challenge the belief that the Earth was the centre of the universe. (Read Galileo's Story.)

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Bible Translation Errors – The Short Version

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Note from Mary:  There are now over 400 English Versions of the Bible!

"Proud as a peacock" - The phrase comes from the glorious fan-shaped, multi-coloured (not quite rainbow-coloured) plumage of the male peafowl when he is courting his mate.

Thus, just as the peacock, someone who is "proud as a peacock" is similarly "strutting his or her stuff".

As gays and lesbians, for years we have hidden our "tail feathers" in closets, hidden the beauty of God's creation in us, afraid to "strut our stuff" because "the church" said that we were an abomination to God. That mindset infiltrated society in general, and many of us adopted that belief for ourselves.

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Bible Translation Timeline

Note from Mary:  There are now over 400 English Versions!

taken (with permission) from WWW.GREATSITE.COM

1400 BC: The first written Word of God: The Ten Commandments delivered
to Moses.

500 BC: Completion of All Original Hebrew Manuscripts which make up
The 39 Books of the Old Testament.

200 BC: Completion of the Septuagint Greek Manuscripts which contain
The 39 Old Testament Books AND 14 Apocrypha Books.

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