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God, Church, and Gay Loneliness

March 27, 2017 - For gay men, life outside the closet can be brutal, and not only due to homophobia. A recent longform article by Michael Hobbes on the Huffington Post went into detail about “The epidemic of gay loneliness.” In it, Hobbes describes a toxic environment that leaves many gay men feeling isolated, even in the most progressive and gay-affirming cities. It is a raw, difficult read, and it reminded us to never take for granted the community with which we’ve been gifted.

Gay Isolation

It wasn’t very long ago that we both experienced first-hand the isolation described in the article. When we look back and see how difficult the road toward meaningful lives has been, we see how much of our sense of worth has stemmed from God—and we recognize that much of our hope comes from the people with whom He has called us to be church.

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