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Moral Issues? Family Values? I Think NOT!

As a born-again Christian, I listen to Christian radio and TV and I hear daily about "moral issues" and "family values". They don't mean "morality" or "family". They mean gay marriage, so why not call it what it is - anti-gay prejudice! They're talking about keeping their "club" reserved for only those who fit their qualifications.

  • Traditional marriage, according to the Bible
  • Consists of one man and one or more women, and concubines
  • Women are the property of their father until married, and then become the property of their husband 
  • If a woman is not a virgin at the time of marriage, she shall be stoned
  • A rapist must marry his victim
  • If a man dies childless, his brother must marry the widow
  • Inter-faith marriages are forbidden
  • Divorce is forbidden

Moral values involve loving and caring for humanity, animals and our planet. Immoral values are the opposite - leaders who preach bigotry based on lies, like "Traditional Marriage", those who'd rather restrict civil liberties of some, because they don't fit arbitrary standards, and those who don't care as much about poverty and homelessness, as they do against people who only want to love each other and have that love recognized. Where is the morality here - the couple who love each other or those who would reject them?

Perhaps the ideal family is one man, one woman and children, but often, couples divorce and children and parents become part of a blended family. Do they deserve less support than the ideal family?

What about the daughter who takes care of her elderly mother? Is this not family? Do they not deserve family benefits? What about the couple who cannot, or have chosen not to have children? God commanded us to multiply, and they're not doing their part. Should we spurn them as less than ideal families? Of course not! Families are made of love, not blood or even marriage.

It is essential to understand that today's "marriage" is NOT the "Traditional Marriage" of Biblical times. Thank God! Each man and woman may now choose their partner. We accept inter-racial and inter-faith marriages, and a woman no longer has to marry her rapist. Perhaps now is the time for marriage to continue its evolution, to embrace a more inclusive attitude.

Being gay is not a choice. Who would ever choose to be hated, humiliated, threatened, rejected by family, friends and church, and in some cases beaten, even to death? How absurd to suggest that it is a choice!

Gays are only asking to have their LOVE - A VERY MORAL ISSUE - be recognized with the same benefits as their heterosexual neighbours.

Contemporary marriage will not be eroded by the inclusion of others who wish to commit to a lifetime of love. The world needs more love, not less. Inclusion is the MORAL position!


by Mary Pearson
November 10, 2004