Support Resources

Children of LGBTIQ Parents – Adoption, Fostering

Strengthening Child Welfare Systems by Resisting LGBT Discrimination – LGBTQ Foster and Adoption Laws by State

Could Your Teenager Be Gay?

by Gabrielle Bauer – Secretly, many parents hope not. But if the answer is yes, there’s a lot of support to help you and your child along the journey.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support

Discrimination and Addiction: How to Overcome Prejudice Without Relying on Drugs or Alcohol – LGBT Friendly Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers – Visual Presentations Regarding Addiction and Treatment – Addiction Recovery and Long-Term Success Articles by Experts

Elementary & Secondary School Resources

Embracing diversity and moving beyond tolerance to acceptance and respect will help us reach our goal of making Ontario’s education system the most inclusive in the world. We believe – and research confirms – that students who feel welcome and accepted in their schools are more likely to succeed academically. Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy, Gender Identity in Schools, Sexual Orientation in Schools, Suggested Library Books

Ex-Gay and Exodus International Support

For Those Who Have Been Hurt By These Anti-Gay Ministries – support resources of websites, books and information

Financial Support

L-Fund – assists Lesbians in the Coachella Valley to resolve short-term financial crises, unlike traditional social service or financial aid agencies that deal with long-term assistance.  The L-Fund’s established reserve account often allows them to respond to a request within 24 to 48 hours. “This is the only Lesbian organization in the valley to provide immediate … Read more

For Parents Of A Gay Child

Family Acceptance – What do you do if your child is gay? “My Kid is Gay”, “Lead With Love” video, Elementary & Secondary School Resources for teaching diversity

HIV AIDS Resources – “Hope Is Vital”

Since the start of the AIDS epidemic, more than 78 million people have been infected with HIV and 39 million have died. Acquiring HIV no longer means certain death. A person on HIV treatment in a high-income setting now has nearly the same life expectancy as a person who does not have the virus. However, … Read more

LGBT Rights

Fair Housing for the LGBTQ Community – North Carolina’s Controversial Anti-LGBT Bill Explained

LGBT Support Phone Numbers

LGBT Phone Numbers including Domestic Violence, Trevor Talk Line for Youth, National STD Hotline, HIV Testing, Lambda, Drug Abuse Hotline, Hotline, Hate Crime Hotlines, National AIDS Hotline, more …

LGBT Youth

This page is for our LGBTIQ Youth, especially those who are struggling with thoughts of suicide. Includes Trevor Project videos, Resources like Teen Chat, Ygender (peer support), Coming Out to parents advice

LGBT’s In The Workplace

What You Should Know About EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers

Same Sex Marriage Discrimination

Common discriminatory behavior, Faith/religious related discrimination, Employment discrimination, Same sex blood and donation, Housing, Conjugal rights, Medical care rights, Military service, Parental rights, Hate crimes, Prevention and protection against same sex discrimination, What do you do if you feel you’re a victim of discrimination?

Stories by Gay Christians To Uplift & Encourage

Links to Personal Stories by gay Christians

Therapy Resource Links

Emotionally Focussed Therapy with Distance, Find an LGBT Therapist, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association’s Provider Directory, Gaylesta: Therapist Locator, Pride Therapy: On-site and Online LGBTQ Counseling, Stronger Than Ever: A Counseling Guide for the LGBTQ Community, Theravive: Online Therapy and E-Counseling

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