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Evolving Women: Healing Sanctuary

Evolving Women:  Healing Sanctuary - Activating Mind-Body Healing For Women Journeying With Cancer

Note from Mary: Evolving Women website is the creation of my daughter Lauren's dear friend, Cindy. Cindy is not only a most beautiful woman, but one with so many gifts, which she generously shares with us. She is truly a blessing to this world. I highly recommend every page, every blog, every YouTube video, every product, every podcast, and every resource that she provides.

And if that weren't enough, please check out her book, The Healing Journal: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO CALM, COMFORT & HEALING

If you’re navigating a cancer journey
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, alone and afraid
If you long to feel understood and supported
If you’re needing guidance and clarity
(Or supporting a loved one who is)

Then the Healing Journal,
from cancer thriver Cindy Scott, is for you.

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Please visit Cindy's website at