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HIV AIDS Resources – “Hope Is Vital”

Since the start of the AIDS epidemic, more than 78 million people have been infected with HIV and 39 million have died. Acquiring HIV no longer means certain death.

A person on HIV treatment in a high-income setting now has nearly the same life expectancy as a person who does not have the virus. However, only two out of five people living with HIV have access to antiretroviral therapy.

Among people who do have access, great inequities exist. People living with HIV are being left behind because they are not benefitting from health care, employment, education or social protection. This is often due to stigma, discrimination, prohibitive laws and policies or a lack of services. (from UNAIDS)

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) - provides support services that empower men, women and youth living with HIV to achieve self-determination, informed decision-making, independence, and overall well-being. They provide counselling, information provision, social support activities and programs that help people with HIV return to work.

AIDS Service Center NYC - (ASC) is a multiservice community organization that carries out its mission of "helping many, one by one" by building community, connection and stability for New Yorkers living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS.

ASC's comprehensive programs include state-of-the-art peer education and training, harm reduction, specialized women's services, HIV counseling and testing, mental health services, medical and holistic care, case management, support groups, and many other innovative programs that help New York City's most vulnerable individuals and families to survive and thrive in the face of HIV/AIDS.

AVERTing AIDS & HIV - is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK, with the aim of AVERTing HIV and AIDS worldwide.

This is an excellent website which includes Worldwide AIDS & HIV Statistics.

Local HIV Testing Resources - Peace of Mind With A Quick Test - Health, Life & HIV - Blogs, Forums, Lessons, Drug Information, Treatment News and much more.

HIV and Me - A Story of HOPE - Turning Scars Into Stars - Yowee's Story