Educational Videos - GLBT

Adam Lambert – It Got Better

8 minutes: nice video

Bible-Banging Homophobe Goes Gay For A Year – And Stops Being Antigay

18 minutes: Follow Tim’s transformation and lessons learned from Bible-thumping homophobe to LGBT positive, by going gay for a year, in order to gain, what he refers to as “intentional empathy”.

Homosexuality And The Bible – 30 Minute Video Sermon

by Rev Michael S. Piazza Excellent 30 minute video sermon to start your path of understanding why being gay and Christian is not a conflict.

Video Sermon at MCC Toronto “Stairway to Heaven”

aka “Pluckers and Planters” by Rev Deana Dudley Nov 22, 2009   With appreciation to Rev Deana and MCC Toronto for their permission to use this presentation, and to Mark Warren for his wonderful job of editing. It was an absolute pleasure working with you!