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Gay Christian Personal Websites

This page has links of websites by individuals who have requested that I list their site. Some have resources. Some are more like blogs.

Gay Christian Social Networking Links

Many, many social networking links for gay Christians

Gay Social Websites

Links to GLBT social websites including chat rooms, dating services, personals, etc

Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale of Homosexuality

Since homosexuality can exist as a psychological response (sometimes in the absence of any kind of overt activity of the kinds noted by incidence or frequency figures), Kinsey also devised his famous Heterosexual-Homosexual scale from 0 to 6; 0 = entirely heterosexual, 1 = largely heterosexual, but with incidental homosexual history…

Lesbian, Gay & Christian Reference Websites

Lesbian Herstory Archives, Wikipedia Portal: LGBT, Wikipedia Portal: Transgender

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