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Gay AND Christian? YES! It IS Possible! – 22 page Crash Course

by Mary Pearson – a small (22 page) crash course in understanding how it is possible to be gay and Christian. Topics include: Some Essential Facts about the words homosexual, sodomy and Sodomite, What did Jesus say about homosexuality?, Perversion and Abomination, Same-sex love in the Bible, Bible translation challenges, and much more

The Bible and Homosexuality – Scholarship & Diversity Study ebook

by Rev. Kellie Rupard-Shorr – 11 pages of quick facts including Adam and Eve, Leviticus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Peter’s Vision, Romans, Corinthians and Timothy, Eunuchs, David and Jonathan, Naomi and Ruth, The Roman Centurion and his Servant, The Man Carrying the Water Jar, Lydia

Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled

by Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson – a 184 page ebook. It comes with a PowerPoint Presentation and audio series of 7 one-hour lessons. Topics include: The Seeming Dilemma, Sodom and Sodomites Revisited, Levitical Law and Grace, Christian Ethics and the Homosexual, Examples of Intersex Categories, Question Assignments, Fast Facts for Distribution Purposes

The Other Sheep Under God’s Rainbow

by Rev. J. Terrero Rivera – This is a 39 page downloadable book by a Pentecostal Minister and mother of a born again lesbian daughter who came out when she was 18, and is now 35. Her daughter inspired her through her testimony and walk with God that anyone can be GLBTIQ and also a chosen child of God.

Gay is OK via the Bible, because Jesus

by Tom Minkler – 16 pages of well-written information by “a straight Christian who supports gay marriage”. “Homosexuality” and “Heterosexuality” aren’t referring mainly to sexual actions, they refer to romantic love, which is then expressed physically.

Is Gay Prejudice Taught in the Bible?

by Richard Wayne Garganta – 32 pages – Do you want to believe what is written or what you have been taught is written? One way to define spiritual maturity is when you can study differing doctrinal viewpoints enough to understand how people arrive at their conclusions. You may not agree with their conclusions, but at least you have studied it with enough objectivity to understand how they arrived at their conclusions.

I’m Gay and It’s OK

by Rev John Brown – a 50 page ebook which clarifies what the Bible actually says about homosexuality, specifically the “clobber verses” used against gays. He explains the historical views of the church on homosexuality, and how, for the first 400 years of church history, they had no problem with it.

Elementary & Secondary School Resources

Embracing diversity and moving beyond tolerance to acceptance and respect will help us reach our goal of making Ontario’s education system the most inclusive in the world. We believe – and research confirms – that students who feel welcome and accepted in their schools are more likely to succeed academically. Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy, Gender Identity in Schools, Sexual Orientation in Schools, Suggested Library Books

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