Bible Clobber Verses

01. The Bible and Homosexuality Summary of “Clobber Verses”

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – This is an overview of the Bible Verses that are often used against gays. The Bible was never intended for this purpose; to break the heart and soul of humanity, or to cause people to run in fear from the Christian faith and from those who were at one time their brothers and sisters in Christ. There’s another way and another message; the message of the Gospel and of grace.

02. Adam and Eve and Steve: Genesis 1 and 2

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – All ancient religions and cultures developed creation stories including the Amorites, Canannites and Babylonians, all which predate the creation story found in Genesis 1-2. These ancient stories tell of how the world came into being, who their deities were and how their deities played a part in the forming of the world and in relating to humanity. The Israelites needed their own story to answer the basic questions of how did we get here and why are we here. Even more they needed to not only explain how the world came into being and their God’s relationship with humanity but to explain God’s unique and exclusive covenant with them, the people of Israel.

03. The Sin of Sodom: Genesis 19

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – We all know about Sodom. People who’ve never picked up a Bible have used the story of Sodom and its fiery demise as condemnation against homosexuality and here’s just one example from an email I received from someone who had a less than favorable view of homosexuality:

“There is a story in the bible, i would find it if i had the time, but it talks about this really sinful city. I believe it was around Abraham’s time. God talks about how he turned his back on these people because of their wicked sins. One of the sins He talks about is homosexuality.”

Nope. God never talks about homosexuality or same-sex anything in reference to Sodom.

04. Pagans, Purity, and Property: Leviticus

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” ~ Leviticus 18:22 “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” ~ Leviticus 20:13

Within the very nature of any group of individuals is the necessity to define itself in a way that describes those who belong while separating itself from those who don’t belong. Boundaries of distinction are used to separate the “us” from “them” and more often than not this boundary language describes the other in negative terms, negative terms that are most often exaggerated or completely false to the actual reality of the other. In ancient Israel, to be a Jew meant to belong to a particular people and while the same could be said of other nations at the time Israel stood out among them in the degree to which it separated itself from other nations through it’s distinctive traditions and avoidance of the traditions and behaviors of foreign nations.

05. Romans 1: Read the Whole Chapter Kiddo

Anita Cadonau-Huseby – … even before looking at those verses we need to recognize that 1:26-27 don’t stand alone and when people quote them as though it’s the definitive word on a biblical condemnation of homosexuality then they’re engaging in the practice of proof-texting. Simply, proof-texting is when an individual scripture or selection of scriptures is used to support a position without regard for the context that held the scripture, often giving the words of the scripture different meaning than was the original intent of the writer. To use any scripture to support ones own ideology without consideration of the context in which it’s placed and the intent of the writer dishonors the scripture as a whole.

06. Romans 1: The Way Too Long Version

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – Before we jump into Romans, I Corinthians and I Timothy which are all attributed to Paul and contain the only passages in the New Testament that refer to homoeroticism, let’s stop for a moment to look at the man Paul. In Homoeroticism in the Biblical World, Martti Nissinen offers some needed perspective:

“In various Christian communities, what Paul once wrote has subsequently been perceived as the word of God. Paul himself was flesh and blood, an educated male of Hellenistic Jewish origin whose worldview and moral standards, even after his conversion to Jesus Christ, had much to do with his cultural environment. Paul was a man of considerable self-awareness, whose letters were meant to be authoritative, indeed; nevertheless, when writing his letter to the Romans, he was scarcely aware that he was participating in the making of Holy Scriptures. His words in Romans 1:26-27 concerning female and male same-sex interaction, however continue to affect the lives of lesbian and gay persons at the turn of the third millennium C.E.”

07. I Corinthians 6:9 / I Timothy 1: 9-10: Words Matter

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – If the word homosexual appears in your Bible in either passage then you have a version that was written after 1946. Prior to the 1946 Edition of the Revised Standard Version, the words that homosexual had begun to replace in many modern versions included boy prostitutes, effeminate, those who make women of themselves, sissies, the self-indulgent, sodomites, lewd persons, male prostitutes, and the unchaste. Daniel Helminiak writes that “until the Reformation in the 16th Century and in Roman Catholicism until the 20th Century, the word malakoi was thought to mean masturbators”

Does Jude Condemn Gays?

by Rick Brentlinger – The sin that Jude condemns is humans having sex with angels. He does not mention or condemn homosexuals and lesbians, yet many anti-gay Christians take the following verses out of context to condemn gays and lesbians. They assert (falsely) that verse 7 is a negative attack on gay men and lesbian women.

Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuality? Interview with Dr Rev Cheri DiNovo

by Dr Reverend Cheri DiNovo – In this interview, we asked Reverend Dr DiNovo to explain her perspective on three often-quoted biblical passages that seem to condemn homosexuality. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, it is an abomination.” Leviticus 19:22 – “Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived, neither fornicators nor idolaters or adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomites …

Gay AND Christian? Yes! It IS Possible! A Beginner’s Guide

by Mary Pearson – Explanations of how incorrect translations, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the Original Scriptures have lead to unjustified prejudice against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex people.

Leviticus – Mary’s Musings After Dinner At Red Lobster

by Mary Pearson – “It is disgusting for a man to have sex with another man.” Lev 18:22. That seems pretty straight forward. But let’s put it into context here. What are some of the verses surrounding this verse? You may eat anything that lives in water and has fins and scales. But it would be disgusting for you to eat anything else that lives in water, and you must not even touch their dead bodies.” Lev 11:3-12. So having had a lovely seafood platter of scallops, shrimp and a lobster tail the other night (none of which have fins or scales), I had to put these verses into perspective this morning while doing my devotions.

Queer Positive Bible

by Vaughn Roste – There are three stories in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and two in the Greek Bible (New Testament) that have a positive message for queer people. After examining each of these texts in chronological order, we illustrate how a multitude of Biblical stories can apply to the contemporary queer experience and have a positive, rather than condemning, message for queer people today.

The Bible and Homosexuality – Scholarship & Diversity Study

by Rev. Kellie Rupard-Shorr – Quick facts about Adam and Eve, Leviticus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Peter’s Vision, Romans, Corinthians and Timothy, Eunuchs, David and Jonathan, Naomi and Ruth, The Roman Centurion and his Servant, The Man Carrying the Water Jar, Lydia

The Book of Romans – Some Background & A Little Insight

by Mary Pearson – Many of us are painfully aware that two of the most-used Bible verses against gays are Romans 1:26,27. “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.” It’s important to know the truth of these verses, first for self-acceptance, and then to educate those who would use them against us.

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