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Guide To LGBT Finances

Guide to LGBT finances: You can live a richer life - How to save now, protect your assets, plan a family, and erase your credit card debt

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans have made extraordinary strides toward equality in recent years, yet obstacles remain – including disparities in personal finance.  

For example, a 2016 survey by Prudential Financial found that LGBT Americans are less likely than the general population to: 

  • Have started saving or investing for retirement.
  • Have insurance.
  • Have a will or estate plan. 

“The financial issues facing the LGBT community are the same as everyone else, plus a long list of additional issues,” says David Rae, a certified financial planner in Los Angeles who serves LGBT clients. 

The goal of this guide is to help LGBT Americans tackle these issues and head down the right financial course. We’ve split this guide into sections devoted to five key financial issues – retirement, insurance, marriage, children and credit card debt. 

How can you become financially ready for the future? Do these 5 things:

How can you escape your own debt spiral? Experts suggest these 4 steps: