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I Was Welcomed, Loved, Supported And Understood

It was just last week that I found myself back in a familiar hole. Having split with my partner of 3 years I was at a really low point in my life.

Cravings for alcohol had returned, my partner had left me, and I couldn't see any point in going on.

I turned to the internet for inspiration on how to end my life. As I was scrolling through the search results I came across this site and was curious.

I had convinced myself that I had been wrong all this time, I couldn't be a Christian if I was Gay, so a website specifically for Gay Christians? It couldn't be. I had to check it out!! So I did, but I didn't find the judgement that I was used to receiving from "Christians". I was welcomed, loved, supported and understood.

I thank God for this website and the fellowship I have found here. I honestly believe that God has used this site to save my life.

I still have a way to go, but I'm here. With the help of members from this site I now have fellowship, trans-atlantic Bible Study, global prayer, and I'm looking for a Gay-friendly church in my area.

I have placed myself at the feet of our Merciful Father, and He has welcomed this prodigal daughter back with open arms!