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Gay Christians Find Love in Trey Pearson’s Music Video

Trey Pearson is literally taking the LGBT community to church.

The Christian singer has released a new music video, "Silver Horizon", which celebrates gay love in a religious setting.

Trey Pearson

The video is the first released since Pearson came out in 2016, in an interview with 614 magazine. The news sparked international headlines for the former Everyday Sunday frontman, who is blazing new trails as a musician of faith.

"Silver Horizon" shows the frisson between faith and sexuality that many religious people face, with Pearson watching from the pews as a queer parishoner sings his story. It is his first venture as a solo artist.

“With his story we wanted it to be sweet and inspiring and a love story of sorts,” Trey told Teen Vogue. “And to also to show that there are more and more open and affirming churches out there and that the world is changing."

Watch the moving music video below.

Originally Posted on the Advocate