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Mormon Support For GLBTIQ’s

Note from Mary: My eldest daughter's family is Mormon, and I do respect and wish to support ALL LGBT's, and hence the reason for this page. I hope you will find the information uplifting. ALL are welcome at Christian Gays.

No More Strangers - LGBT Mormon Forum

Community of Christ To Allow Same-Sex Marriages
Apr 23, 2013

Community of Christ, known from 1872 to 2001 as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), is an American-based international church established in April 1830 that claims as its mission "to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of love, joy, peace, and hope". The church reports approximately 250,000 members in 50 nations.

Community of Christ is part of the Latter Day Saint movement begun by Joseph Smith, Jr., and rooted in Restorationist traditions. Although in some respects the Community of Christ is congruent with mainline Protestant Christian attitudes, it is in many ways theologically distinct, continuing such features as prophetic revelation.

See the video and more information about Same-Sex Marriages and Commitment Ceremonies at the 41 Action News website.

Mormon Church Abandons Its Crusade Against Gay Marriage
Apr 12, 2013


In the five years since the LDS church sent busloads of the faithful to California to canvass neighborhoods, and contributed more than $20 million via its members to support the initiative, it has all but dropped the rope in the public policy tug of war over marriage equality. The change stems from an even more remarkable if somewhat invisible transformation happening within the church, prompted by the ugly fight over Prop. 8 and the ensuing backlash from the flock.


Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules in the Prop. 8 case, the church responsible for its passage has been permanently changed for the better. In Mayne's view, this all means that Prop. 8, with all its ugliness, happened for a reason: "I believe in our attempt to nail shut the Pandora's box of gay marriage, we essentially blew the lid off of it."

Read the full article on the Mother Jones website.

Invictus Pilgrim - A Gay Man's Journey out of the Closet, Marriage and Mormonism
toward Self-Love and Self-Discovery

Blog of Nov 11, 2011


Carol Lynn Pearson's response was direct and to the point. Paraphrasing, she said that the Church needs to give permission, e.g., through a conference address by a ranking general authority, to parents to love, welcome and accept their gay, lesbian and transgendered children. What a remarkable statement (!) that goes to the heart of much that is wrong in the LDS Church on this issue. So many parents who are "faithful" members of the Church believe that, if their child comes out to them, they have to choose between the child and the Church, and they perhaps more often than not choose the Church.

Stopping Spiritual Bullying: What the Church Can Do Immediately

Be sure also to watch the video on this page of R.J. Helton singing "Blessing".

Latter Days: DVD

Fiction: A promiscuous gay party animal falls for a young Mormon missionary, leading to crisis, cliché, and catastrophe.

Watch the Trailer. Click here to buy the DVD on Amazon. Rated 5 stars by 672 customer reviews!

Latter Days: A Novel is available here. Rated 3.5 stars by 29 customer reviews

Encircled In The Arms Of His Love

This short message, by Utah County Affirmation, is an affirming message for gay and lesbian members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). The LDS Church officially published a similar message, "God Loveth His Children". While it is a wonderful step in the right direction, it affirms that one must remain celebate while being gay. Our book affirms that you can lead an active gospel centered gay life

Read the booklet Here.

Mitch Mayne, Gay Latter Day Saint, Shares About His Youth & Suicide Attempts

Andrea Bocelli & The Mormon Tabernacle Choir -"The Lord's Prayer"

Dance Champion Benji Schwimmer

By John Dehlin
Originally posted on Mormon Stories Podcast
May 30, 2012

Benji Schwimmer is a world renowned dancer and choreographer. He is best known for winning Season 2 of the hit tv show So You Think You Can Dance. In this 3-part interview, Benji discusses the following:

Part 1: His early years, and his LDS mission experience (1 hr, 33 minutes)
Part 2: His experiences on So You Think You Can Dance (1 hr, 52 minutes)
Part 3: His attempts to come to terms with his sexuality and his faith (2 hrs, 6 min)



Introduction of Bridget Night

Bridget has been a beloved member of Christian Gays for many, many years. She is the straight mother of a gay son whose church history includes Mormonism. She has graciously found and shared the information on this page in an attempt to support those with Mormon backgrounds, and for those who would like to know more about the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Bridget's Testimony - her hopes and beliefs, and why she has them.

Basics of Mormonism - from a Presentation at New Church Family in
Daytona Beach, FL. This is a very thorough presentation on Mormon beliefs.

Bridget's Mormon Background, Her Book, and Her Gay Son - also from the Presentation at New Church Family.

Gay Mormons?: Latter-Day Saint Experiences of Same-Gender Attraction
- by Brent Kerby

Review: By A. Boehm, April 22, 2011
5 out of 5 stars - Thought-provoking and Encouraging

Gay MormonsBrent Kerby's new book about Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and Homosexuality is a collection of personal stories. The accounts are disarming in their honesty. They tell of attempts to reconcile faith and sexual orientation, - attempts that are at times successful, at times not. The introduction and list of resources brings the reader up to date on what official statements the Church has made regarding same-gender orientation, while the individual experiences add many personal layers to the discussion.

Many Mormons who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) struggle with intense feelings of guilt, at times self-loathing, often a loss of self-esteem. They feel utterly alone in their situation because talking about homosexuality to your family and friends can seem almost impossible. Many are afraid of what might happen when others find out - they do not want to hurt or disappoint loved ones, they do not want to be ostracized at work or at church.

The variety of the stories and contributor backgrounds, the variety of outcomes, is thought-provoking and makes it very clear that the cookie-cutter homosexual does not exist. One vital point that surfaces again and again is the strong desire for a meaningful, trusting and loving relationship, and how this conflicts with the commonly held misconception that homosexuality is somehow mainly about lust, not love.

Two decades after Schow, Schow & Raynes' Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation this book is a welcome update on the LDS experience of and attitudes toward same-sex attraction.

Kerby's book is neither "church bashing" nor endorsed by the church. Its objective is to give a snapshot of the situation and experiences today, and giving hope to those who may feel alone with their conflict between what they have been taught and what they feel. Great reading material for anyone interested in understanding the struggles and hopes of Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction.

Purchase a paperback copy through Amazon.

God Loveth His Children - LDS Church Beliefs About Gays - Official Statement. 2007

Explanation of the Hierarchy Within the LDS Church

11 Scriptural Reasons Latter-day Saints Should Support Marriage Equality

This is an excellent website with valuable content.

"The Abominable and Detestable Crime Against Nature":
A Revised History of Homosexuality & Mormonism 1840 - 1980
- by Connell O'Donovan, originally published in 1994 by Signature Books, Revised in 2004.

I dedicate this labor of love in honor of Stuart Matis, Clay Whitmer, D.J. Thompson, Carlyle Marsden, Gordon Ray Church, and all the other bright souls who did not survive Mormonism's homophobia.

And to those of us who have survived, that we might bear witness...