Sex, Gender & Orientation

Gender Definitions

Common and less common terms used to describe the gender, sexuality and orientation of those of us who don’t fit into the “straight” category.

Sexual & Gender Identity, Orientation Symbols, Flags & Hankie Codes

Sexual & Gender Identity and Orientation Symbols, including pink and black triangles, labrys, purple hand, freedom flag, lambda symbol – also LGBTIQ Flags including asexual, bisexual, genderfluid, pansexual, etc – also handkerchief (hankie) codes – which pocket and what color

Sexual Orientation vs Gender Identity vs Sexual Identity

Sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual identity are independent of each other. A person may express any variation of each of these in any combination. To discourage the free expression of identity and orientation by an individual is to impose a damaging burden of conformity.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity And Intersex Conditions

I don’t know whether it’s just reconciling being gay and Christian but I’ve always felt like I’m between two worlds, not fitting into being fully male or fully female. My mom informed me a few years ago that when I was born I was taken back into surgery to remove an extra set of genitalia. She didn’t say anything more and I have wondered recently if there might have been a decision made at that time as to what sex I was going to be? Any insights to offer?

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