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A Meditation of Good Friday

Jesus' Last Words From The Cross

The life of Jesus was not taken. It was given. Jesus knew that in order to go back to God He had to let go of His body. Jesus knew for the Kingdom of God to succeed, for you and I to be admitted, He had to let go of His body.

Our bodies are gifts from God. They bring us much pleasure. There is nothing evil with things that bring us pleasure. Money, sex, food are all blessings given to us by God. But when the blessings of pleasure get in the way; when pleasure is more important than the Kingdom of God; when things become more important than people, God calls us to sacrifice, crucify, give up these things. May we learn from the words of Jesus in His final hours.

"Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."

As LGBT people we encounter people filled with hate and wrath. As people of faith we are called to love them, to give them what we want them to give to us. May we ask God to forgive their ignorance.

"Truly I tell you today, you will be with Me in Paradise."

God loves us all. Paradise is made for those who believe. God made you, straight, bisexual, gay, transgender, black, white. It was no surprise to God when you came out of your mother's womb that you were black. He was not shocked when you came out of the closet. Whatever you are, God has prepared a place in heaven for you.

"My God, my God why have You forsaken me?"

Friends, family, church, and yes, sometimes we feel even God leaves us. We think no one knows what it is like to lose everything for being who we are. But God does. He knows, because He was suspended on a Roman cross, abandoned by his family, betrayed by his friends, the sin of the world hanging on Him. We sometimes feel from time to time that God has left us. God did turn His back on Jesus because God cannot be in the presence of sin, and for a time, Jesus had the sin of the world on Him. God turned His back. Jesus knows what it is like to be without hope. He became hopeless to give us hope.

"I am thirsty."

Are you missing something in your life? Something you crave? Something you are in desperate need of? Jesus knows what it is like. He tells us in the Sermon on the Mount to thirst for righteousness and be filled. Drink of His living water. Drink deep and never go thirsty again.

"It is finished."

STOP IT ALREADY! Stop trying to get to heaven. The work is done. There is no need to struggle and hope and live in fear. Stand in Praise. Live in Grace!

"Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit."

I have no idea what your future holds. However I know who holds your future!


by Scott M. Williamson