Christianity & Homosexuality

A Manifesto! The Time Has Come!

by Bishop John Shelby Spong – I have made a decision. I will no longer debate the issue of homosexuality in the church with anyone. I will no longer engage the biblical ignorance that emanates from so many right-wing Christians about how the Bible condemns homosexuality, as if that point of view still has any credibility. I will no longer discuss with them or listen to them tell me how homosexuality is “an abomination to God,” about how homosexuality is a “chosen lifestyle,” or about how through prayer and “spiritual counseling” homosexual persons can be “cured.” Those arguments are no longer worthy of my time or energy. I will no longer dignify by listening to the thoughts of those who advocate “reparative therapy,” as if homosexual persons are somehow broken and need to be repaired.

Stop Arguing About the Bible and Homosexuality

by Candace Chellew-Hodge – Gays and lesbians will never “win” the argument over what the Bible says or does not say about homosexuality. The good news is: we don’t have to. It will not be arguments over the Bible that will ultimately secure the civil rights of gays and lesbians. Sure, those arguments are being made and they can be loud and raucous, but the Bible is not the “other side” of the issue of homosexuality.

Gay AND Christian? Yes! It IS Possible! A Beginner’s Guide

by Mary Pearson – Explanations of how incorrect translations, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the Original Scriptures have lead to unjustified prejudice against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex people.

Some Simple Facts About The Bible And Homosexuality

by Rev. Bruce W. Lowe – The condemnation of gay men and lesbian women by the church, is destroying – literally – the worth of millions – again literally – of homosexuals by robbing them of all self-esteem, forcing them to live in closets in constant fear that will be found out, driving them out of churches they have grown up loving, keeping them out of our churches where they might hear the gospel, and driving them to suicide.

A Letter To Louise – Biblical Affirmation For God’s Homosexual Children

by Rev Bruce Lowe – This is, in my opinion, without a doubt, the BEST researched, easiest to read, article about Christianity and homosexuality on the internet! It is LONG and detailed. If you want something less intensive, read “Some Simple Facts About The Bible and Homosexuality” by the same author.

Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuality? Interview with Dr Rev Cheri DiNovo

by Dr Reverend Cheri DiNovo – In this interview, we asked Reverend Dr DiNovo to explain her perspective on three often-quoted biblical passages that seem to condemn homosexuality. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, it is an abomination.” Leviticus 19:22 – “Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived, neither fornicators nor idolaters or adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomites …

Queer Positive Bible

by Vaughn Roste – There are three stories in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and two in the Greek Bible (New Testament) that have a positive message for queer people. After examining each of these texts in chronological order, we illustrate how a multitude of Biblical stories can apply to the contemporary queer experience and have a positive, rather than condemning, message for queer people today.

Translations of “Malakoi” and “Arsenokoitai” Through History (I Cor 6:9)

by Jeramy Townsley -The purpose of this page is to show the difficulty in translating the words arsenokoitai and malakos – two words used (incorrectly) to condemn gays. Throughout the history of English translations, there has been little agreement on the meanings of these two Greek words. Most of the English translations describe malakos as “weak” or “effeminate” – neither of which mean gay.

Christianity and LGBT People: A Teaching Summary

by Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker – Unfortunately, we are primarily exposed to the false gospel of legalism, perfectionism, and exclusion, a false gospel that is diametrically opposed to the good news, to Christianity itself. Far too many propound the gospel of genital placement, rather than the Gospel of Christ; ignore such egregious sins as unjust war, poverty, and disease.

Did God Create Adam Partially Female?

by Rev John W Brown – How was Adam created? Could it be that the original Adam was both male and female, that there was no separation between them? What does it mean to be created in the image of God? First let’s establish the fact that humans are created in the image of God.

The Bible And Homosexuality

by C. Ann Shepherd – The Bible has long been used by society to discriminate against, and persecute gays and lesbians. Careful study, however, reveals that while the Bible does condemn homosexual and heterosexual cult prostitution, it says nothing about loving committed homosexual relationships. Jesus himself said nothing about homosexuality, which leads many to believe it was not one of his main concerns.

Some Talking Points on Christianity and Homosexuality

by Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker – About a year ago, after my giving a talk on how the Bible doesn’t condemn, but actually affirms, same-sex love, a woman with a gay brother, raised in a Christian family, asked me to write out “talking points” on the subject of the consistency between Christianity and homosexuality, so that she could share that information with her brother. This article is the result of my answering her request.

What Jesus Said About Homosexuality?

What Jesus Said About Homosexuality?

Homosexuality And The Bible – 30 Minute Video Sermon

by Rev Michael S. Piazza Excellent 30 minute video sermon to start your path of understanding why being gay and Christian is not a conflict.

Do Homosexuals Need to be Healed of their Homosexuality? [1]

by Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D. – I have written this for those whose guilt has been etched deeply by the official positions of various Christian denominations as well as for those whose pain has been exacerbated by the unkindnesses shown to them through the actions and reactions of church-goers. It is my hope and prayer that the seeming dilemma between homosexuality and Christianity be resolved and a higher spiritual understanding of sexuality be settled within their minds once and for all, both now and throughout the rest of their earthly days.

Six Points – Why Churches Should Welcome and Fully Affirm Christian GLBTs

by Rev. Bruce W. Lowe – IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING HOMOSEXUALITY – Why Churches Should Welcome and Fully Affirm Christian GLBTs – “It terrified me to think that God made me just to hate me and send me to hell.”

Jesus Loves Me. This I Know . . . Even If I’m Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered

by Mary Pearson – “Jesus loves me. This I know, for the Bible tells me so . . . ” unless you are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersex or Queer, in which case you are told that Jesus loves everyone EXCEPT me. Well it’s time to set the record straight – if you’ll pardon the expression. Jesus loves ESPECIALLY His GLBTIQ children – for the Bible tells me so!

Gay by God. Proud by Choice!

by Mary Pearson – PRIDE in being gay is not something that comes naturally when we live in a world that tells us we are “evil” and “immoral”. For most of us, it is first a road of self-awareness, and then of self-acceptance. We then need to take a further step to determine the consequences of our “Coming Out” to family, friends and co-workers. For many, the losses are not worth revealing the truth and so they remain closeted. This is understandable.

The Sin of Sodom Was NOT Homosexuality! – Original Article

by Mary Pearson – In Genesis 18, the story about the angels coming to Lot’s house, we learn that the reason they were coming to destroy Sodom was because of the wickedness that ALREADY existed in the city. The exact form of wickedness is not mentioned in that story! Let’s just reinforce this CRITICAL piece of information. In the story of Sodom, in Genesis 18, God had ALREADY decided to destroy the city BEFORE the attempted rape of the angels

The Sin of Sodom Was NOT Homosexuality! – Shortened Version

by Mary Pearson – For years people have accepted without question, that the sin of Sodom was homosexuality. A more careful examination of the story itself, combined with other passages in both Old and New Testaments, will indicate this not to be so.

Bible Translation Errors – The Long Version

by Mary Pearson People have used the Bible to endorse slavery and segregation, initiate wars and crusades, condemn inter-racial marriage, burn women at the stake as witches, support the racism of the Ku Klux Klan, approve of Hitler’s holocaust, etc, etc. . . . the list is long. We look at these atrocities now and wonder, how could people have been so wrong about what the Bible says? Are people wrong again about what the Bible says about homosexuality? How could this happen?

Bible Translation Errors – The Short Version

by Mary Pearson – The most accurate translation of the word “Abba” is “Daddy”, but the translators of the King James Bible felt that the term “Daddy” was not reverent enough, and so, although the CORRECT translation of “Abba” is “Daddy”, in your Bibles you will read “Father”. The translators had the best of intentions but for their own reasons they translated “Abba”, (Daddy) into “Father”, a term which is much more formal and rather distant compared to “Daddy”.

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

by Rev. Dr. Kathlyn James – I promised to preach a series of sermons that would specifically address the most-asked questions. I could not have predicted they would be (1) Is homosexuality a sin? (2) Is there a hell? And (3) How can we forgive? This morning we begin by looking at the first of these: Is homosexuality a sin?

Christianity And Homosexuality Reconciled – Audio Series

by Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson – Listen to Seven One-Hour mp3 Audio Messages with accompanying text

Mary Pearson – Confessions of a Christian Lesbian

by Mary Pearson – At the age of 12, I fell in love with my swimming counselor at camp and from that time on, I knew I was “different”.

Gay AND Christian? YES! It IS Possible! – 22 page Crash Course

by Mary Pearson – a small (22 page) crash course in understanding how it is possible to be gay and Christian. Topics include: Some Essential Facts about the words homosexual, sodomy and Sodomite, What did Jesus say about homosexuality?, Perversion and Abomination, Same-sex love in the Bible, Bible translation challenges, and much more

Adam & Steve? – A Quick Look At Genesis 5:1-3

by Mary Pearson – We gays often hear that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Well if God didn’t create Steve, who did? Many gays believe that we were created by God, with the same love that God created Adam and Eve. It is my contention that it is very possible that God did indeed create Adam and Steve, and Louise and Sue, at the same time or after He created Adam and Eve. The reasons that I hold this belief are many.

Vatican Admits Galileo Correct

The Roman Catholic Church has admitted erring these past 359 years in formally condemning Galileo Galilei for entertaining scientific truths it long denounced as anti-scriptural heresy.

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